Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order on your site?

You can add the product you like to your cart by clicking the “Add to Basket” button after going to the product detail page. After this stage, you can continue shopping or complete your order by going to the payment stage. You can also contact our call center on 0536 000 00 00 and get support regarding your orders. .

What should I pay attention to when ordering?

When ordering, we kindly ask you to specify which customizations will be made on the product in the customer note section, if it is a customizable product. Color, size, etc. in some products. change cannot be made.
Be sure to check the product deadline for the product you will order. We share this information in the “Shipping and Delivery” section of the product detail page. Your product will be delivered to you within the time specified there.
If there are cases such as special size, color change, our return conditions change. Please read our terms of “Warranty and Return Policy” before ordering.

We kindly ask you to pay special attention to the dimensions of the product. Measurement information is definitely indicated on the product detail page for all products. If you have come across a product that has no size information, you can get information by calling our Call Center immediately. With the size information, it will allow you to check the situations that can only be agreed by you, such as whether the product is suitable for your room, whether it will fit through your apartment door. Doing this check will allow you to take the decision of your orders that will not pass through the apartment door and will not enter the house before ordering. If you encounter such a situation in the orders placed without checking, if you have made any customization on the product, you may be in a difficult situation as we cannot get the product back.

When ordering, we kindly ask you to check the quantity information of the products you bought in your cart.

Make sure you have entered your address information correctly.

Since we communicate by phone and e-mail, make sure that this information is entered correctly.

If there is anything you want to learn about the product or our operation, you can call us on our about page or call us immediately on 0536 000 00 00 or send an e-mail to

Can I buy the products individually? Or do I have to buy as a Set?

You can buy our products as a set or individually.

I want to add a product to my order, what should I do?

It is not possible to add products to an existing order because it requires a new payment, but you can create a new order.

How long does the delivery time take?

A comfortable delivery process awaits you for the products you buy from Voi Home. Our domestic delivery and installation information varies. You can easily learn about the facilities we provide for your location and our delivery details by contacting our support line.
Our shipping processes vary between 1 and 30 working days, depending on the supply and location.

Are you assembling the product?

As a result of the agreements we have made with our cargo companies, we have a free installation service.

Do you ship anywhere in the country?

A comfortable delivery process awaits you for the products you buy from Voi Home.
We have free delivery service to every region in the country.

Will I receive the product when I order from abroad?

For overseas orders, the buyer can determine the shipping method himself and provide transportation. For all overseas orders, shipping and customs expenses belong to the buyer. If you wish, we can also do the shipping and customs procedures for you at a cost.

I made the payment, what should I do now?

1.   If you made the payment by Credit Card;
Our customer representative will call you and tell you that your order has been confirmed, and will inform you about the delivery date and other details.

2.   If you made the payment by Bank Transfer;
After sending the bank receipt from our WhatsApp line, our customer representative will call you and inform you about the delivery date and other details.

Can I get information about the shipping process after placing the order?

After you create your order, your payment will be checked according to the payment method you have chosen.
After the payment confirmation is received by the accounting department, your order is processed and made ready for shipment within the deadlines.
After the shipment is planned, our relevant personnel will contact you and you will be informed about the shipment date.
Finally, the shipment is made on the planned date and the products are delivered to your address.

I made a wire transfer / EFT. Do I need to inform?

You need to send the bank receipt from our WhatsApp line. Otherwise, the delivery time will be delayed as the confirmation of your order will be delayed.

I gave up on my order, what should I do?

You can access all information about your Right of Withdrawal by reading the Warranty and Return Conditions on our website in detail.

My product did not arrive within the estimated delivery time. What should I do ?

Possible delays in the delivery date will be notified to you at least 2 days before the delivery date. You can get information about the delivery status of your order by using our communication channels in case of a delay in extraordinary situations without informing you.
Our Communication Channels;
Our WhatsApp Line: 0533 032 00 16
Our Phone Number: 0 533 032 00 16
Our Email Address:

If you could not find your own question among the questions, you can contact our company and find solutions to all your questions. Thank you for choosing us. We wish you good shopping.